Misty landscapes in Sweden


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1. When my mother was young, she met a boy with eyes like a storm cloud and lips like a hurricane. He washed over like a tidal wave and ruined everything he touched. She told me that there is always one person that will affect your life forever and after them, nothing will ever be quite the same. I know for me that person is going to be you. So I’m standing on the shore right now and the tides are starting to come back in. I know that I’ll probably drown in your cold depth, but all I want is to feel you against my skin.
2. I will never forget the day you called at 4 am begging to see me. I snuck out the back door and ran down the middle of the street into your arms. I should’ve ignored you and went back to sleep, but I didn’t just get to see the stars in the sky that night, I also got to see them forming in your eyes whenever you looked at me.
3. You have a sickness in you, that no doctor can prescribe medication for. It must have snuck through your lips, travelled down to my heart and rotted my fucking insides. You grew there like bacteria. I just want to scrub my heart clean of you then forget that you ever were in the deepest parts of me.
4. My dad chain smokes his cigarettes and has said vile words to me that I can still see stained onto my skin today. Maybe I give you too much credit. I suppose you weren’t actually the first boy to break my heart.
5. It’s been too long since you left to pretend that you’re ever going to come back. I just wish I could let myself play make believe a little longer, but I’m a big girl now and I have to stop partaking in your games and join the real world.
6. Yesterday I was in the car and I heard our song on the radio. I used to be annoyed when you’d try to mimic the chorus. But I’d take irritation over heart ache any day. Just come back and finish the verse. I wish I could hear your fucking voice.
7. I have this recurring dream where you show up on my doorstep and kiss me so hard that I can honestly taste your coffee breath while I sleep. You consume me in every way possible as it. Is it really necessary
to haunt my dreams too?
7 things I could of said to you instead of ignoring your message to me last night (via dumbdaisies)

I love this soooo much

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when you’re walking towards the air conditioner to turn it off and you just



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Since klingon sex is basically violent wrestling, I wonder if the klingons don’t have BDSM but like the opposite. Klingons gathering in secrecy in dark cellars to engage in sweet, gentle loving, to the scorn of fellow klingons.

"How can you do that?" the other klingons ask. "You don’t even draw blood? Not a single furniture breaking? It doesn’t seem… natural".

"What is this… cuddle, you speak of?"

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Awwwwwwh omg ❤️❤️❤️

Awwwwwwh omg ❤️❤️❤️

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sex in the shower? no. slip and bust my ass. break my dick. she slippin too. she knock her head on the tile she passed out. bleedin. i cant walk cause my jimmy snapped. thought this was gonna be sexy and we both end up half dead.

The funniest part about this for me is the fact that after I read it the first time I soon after attempted shower sex for my first time and slipped not even a minute into it and busted my ass so bad! 😑😩😂😭

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Watch: Ian Burkhart, a 23-year-old quadriplegic man, just moved his arm — with his mind

Burkhart had been unable to move his arms or legs since a diving accident four years ago damaged his spinal cord and left him paralyzed. But thanks to a new device that reroutes his brain signals, Burkhart was recently able to lift his hand using his thoughts.

The technology, called Neurobridge, takes electric signals from the brain and sends them directly to the muscles, bypassing the damaged spinal cord.


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rolling 29 strains and hash into a giant joint (x)

Holy fuck they were prolly blowedddd as hellll

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Amazing Friendship between a goat and a burro - Video

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Best Disney faces


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Funny pictures of the day (46 pics) Tiny Baby Animals (compilation)

So. Much. Cutenesssss!


Funny pictures of the day (46 pics)
Tiny Baby Animals (compilation)

So. Much. Cutenesssss!

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i want u wrapped in my arms…like a burrito…be my baerrito

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